News archive.

07.09.2009 - the Ultimate Meeting - 10 year anniversary.

We're going to do it again. The new website for this year's party is online.

14.03.2009 -  Attention Numerica Artparty Visitors.

Dear Numerica ArtParty visitor. You have arrived at the Website of the Ultimate Meeting. We have no idea why the "Numerica ArtParty"-link of the Numerica ArtParty page links to our site - but of course you are welcome to look around.

05.01.2009 - Questionnaire.

We've put up a questionnaire for tUM 2008. Please help us improve the party by taking part in it.

31.12.2008 - After party pages are online.

While the releases are in approval at, we've already put up the after party pages. There you can look at the results (with thumbnails) and links to reports, pictures etc.

If you wrote a report, made some pictures or have something else related to tUM 2008, please contact us so we can put it on the page.

Also, if you use flickr, please consider joining the group. That way we can someday have all pictures in one place.

30.12.2008 - the Ultimate Meeting is over.

The party is over, the hall is tidy and all our cars are packed. We're now all on our way home and will upload the entries and results as soon as we're unpacked and showered :)

Thanks to all the attendees for the great and wonderful atmosphere! We hope to see you all again next year.

29.12.2008 - LIVE-FEED!.

We've set up a high-quality HD-Live-Stream incl. Reporting!

Check it out here!

27.12.2008 - We're off to the partyplace!.

in emergencies, call +49 171 7509613. Please don't call to ask for directions ;)

24.12.2008 - tUM on Facebook.

FRaNKy was so kind to create a facebook-event for tUM.

23.12.2008 - Tweet, tweet.

We'll be twittering during the whole party. Follow us and keep informed.

23.12.2008 - the Ultimate Meat-Thing!.

Nuance just released their BBQ Invitation Demo "the Ultimate Meat-Thing" as a teaser to this years awesome and fatty feast! Free meat for everyone!

23.12.2008 - tUM 2008 Theme Song.

As an early christmas present, paniq finished this years theme song "Galactic Voyage". Get it from the download-area.

22.12.2008 - Remote entry deadline extended..

The last possible moment to submit a remote entry will be the 27.12. at 16.00. We'll depart to the location shortly after - so that's the best we can do :-)

22.12.2008 - Timetable online.

Just in time for the holidays. Have a look at what's going on this year.

16.12.2008 - Entrance fee!.

This years entrance fee (for both boys and girls) will be 35 Euro - just as last year.

04.12.2008 - Announcing the Loop Competition!.

We've decided to have a new music-competition this year - a 7 second loop competition. Read all about it in the compo-section!

01.12.2008 - Announcing the Ultimate Breakfast!.

We're not getting tired of special events :-)

Thanks to our friends from Echtzeit - the organization behind buenzli - we'll be having the Ultimate Breakfast this year! Have a little snack and some orange-juice with your scene-friends right before the traditionally delayed prizegiving-ceremony on tuesday.

28.11.2008 - Jeroen Tel performing LIVE at tUM 2008!.

We're very happy to present Jeroen Tel live at tUM 2008! He will be performing for you just before the demo-night.

Jeroen Tel is a founding member of the computer music group Maniacs of Noise and is famous for composing unforgettable tunes for C64 games and demos.

You don't want to miss that one!

25.11.2008 - Jury prize!.

Thanks to one of our sponsors, we'll have a jury-prize at this year's tUM. Just as our colleagues at buenzli, we'll assemble a jury out of all attendees who will then hand-pick the best production from all the competitions.

We won't tell you about the prize just yet but it will be very unique and very special :-)

22.11.2008 - Nuance BBQ.

The nice guys from nuance are spending all their buenzli prizemoney on a big barbecue (called the Ultimate Meat-Thing) for all the people attending tUM this year.

So, there will be meat, and lots of it!

19.11.2008 - Are you coming?.

Do you plan to come to the Ultimate Meeting this year? Check out the list to see who's already signed up and let your friends know that you're coming, too.

19.11.2008 - ANSI/ASCII competition.

We won't have an official ansi/ascii competition this year. So if you're interested in organizing an unofficial one, just contact us and we'll give you the tools to do it :)

18.11.2008 - More hotels.

We've found two more hotels which are open during the party. If you're old and sedate - check them out. One of the even has a grand deluxe room! :-)

19.10.2008 - Spacecraft launched!.

We finally got out of the mud and launched the website (into space).

You'll find almost everything you need to know about this years event. You can read about and/or use:

If you're new to tUM - please go ahead and read about it in our short introduction.

If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us!

Also, we'll have some exciting stuff this year which we will announce at a later time (hopefully).

18.10.2008 - URGENT: Date changed!.

Please note that the Ultimate Meeting 2008 starts a day later than usual - from 28.12. to 30.12. this year.

Don't blame us if you show up on the 27th ;)

30.12.2007 - After party pages online!.

The after party pages are online.

Look at the results and browse through the pictures and reports.

If you want to help fill the page - just contact us.

30.12.2007 - It's over already.

Thank you all for attending the Ultimate Meeting 2007!

We've just arrived at our respective homes and are trying to get some sleep.

Results-file and releases should already be online at and
We're trying to launch the after-party pages tomorrow, so stay tuned!

26.12.2007 - We're heading to the partyplace....

...and won't be reachable by mail until the party starts. If something URGENT happens, please call 0171 7509613.

23.12.2007 - Timetable online!.

Ye olde timetable is now online. Check it out here!

15.12.2007 - Hotels, remote entries, entrance-fee (again).

Hiya folks,

the hotels-page is now online.
Furthermore we are now officially allowing remote entries for individual artists competitions. Read more about it here!

And, to clarify again, boys AND girls are subject to our entrance-fee this year. Since more and more woman are active in the demoscene, we decided to break with our old tradition that they get in for free.

01.12.2007 - Entrance fee.

The entrance fee for all cowgirls and cowboys is 35,- Euro.
If you are traveling a long distance to visit us - please contact us in advance to register for a discount.

25.11.2007 - Sponsor-Page updated!.

The sponsor-page has been updated.

Please support them for supporting tUM by visiting their websites! Thank you! 

25.11.2007 - Compo-Rules online!.

Hiya folks.

The comporules are now online. Not much change since last year - but worth checkin' out nonetheless!

11.11.2007 - Bustrip from Cologne.

Just like the last years Digitale Kultur e.V. is organizing a bustrip from Cologne to tUM. Find more details on their webpage.

01.11.2007 - Website online.


More infos about the competitions and so on will follow soon. Stay tuned!